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(1) sharing of information resources. Information is the main backing of modern competition. Supply chain management adopts modern technology and technology to transfer information quickly and accurately with the best circulation channel, and achieve resource sharing between supply chain providers and enterprises.

(2) improve service quality and expand customer demand. In supply chain management, we focus on the idea of "customer centered". Most of the consumers are required to provide products and services, the shorter the better the better. Therefore, the supply chain management through the overall cooperation of the enterprise internal, external and process enterprises, greatly shorten the circulation cycle of products, speed up the speed of logistics distribution, so that the customer's personalized demand in the shortest time can be met.

(3) achieve a win-win situation. Supply chain management links suppliers, distributors, and retailers in the supply chain together and optimizes it, making each related enterprise a integrated network. In this network, the enterprises remain individual characteristics. But they maximize cooperation and achieve win-win results for the overall interests. In the development of supply chain management, it is predicted that in the future production and circulation, enterprises will not be seen, but only supply chain will be seen. The supply chain of production and circulation will become the main way of modern production and circulation.

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